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Step in to Autumn

Our "Colourist" selects 10  Autumn inspired paint colours reflecting the changing season and guaranteed to make your home warm and inviting



Our Autumn inspired shades are the perfect starting point when making our homes cosy for the long winter ahead.

Ranging from warm pink-red hues of “ Tuscan Pink” and “Shaker Red” to the deep and alluring intensity of “Muddy Amber”  “ Koi Carp” or “Tabac” these stunning colours are just the start of our stunning Autumn inspired paint schemes

Walls painted in "Mendoza Malbec" by Andrew Martin Paint
Andrew Martin paint store

Bedroom wall's painted "Satsuma" by Andrew Martin

Zoffany Paint store

Family dining area, Walls painted "Muddy Amber" by Zoffany

Sanderson Paint store

Living room wall's painted in this deep rich red "Bengal Red" by Sanderson paint

Andrew Martin Paint

Intimate dining room wit wall's painted "Moroccan Souk" by Andrew Martin

Zoffany Paint

Interconnecting Living room wall's painted in "Koi Carp" by Zoffany

Andrew Martin Paint store

Living room wall's painted in this striking deep shade "Turkish Fig" by Andrew Martin paint collection.

Zoffany paint

Walls and ceilings painted in "Tigers Eye" and Chimney breast painted in "Bone Black" by Zoffany

Zoffany paint Store

Family kitchen with walls painted in the striking yet warm "Muddy Amber" by Zoffany

Sanderson paint store

Living room walls and woodwork both painted in "Gardenia Green" by Sanderson for a very sleek look.

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