Alchemy of Colour

Immerse yourself in the Alchemy of Paint Colour.

Renowned for its depth of colour and  quality of paint finish, Zoffany’s beautifully curated collection of 156 stunning eco friendly paint colours delivers outstanding paint performance

Meticulously composed by extracting natural plant dyes and crushing minerals to produce the finest natural eco friendly paint pigments.

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The Zoffany paint collection evolved through experimental work with natural plant dyes, organic stones, minerals and jewel tones resulting in a collection of 156 stunning shades
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Providing exceptional coverage and outstanding depth of colour. 

Zoffany paint is ideal for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

The Zoffany paint finishes Elite Emulsion, Acrylic Eggshell and Eggshell are 
crafted to the highest eco friendly specification and infused with superior grade pigment.

With Zoffany paints it is so easy to create decor schemes across your entire
home including walls, woodwork, metalwork and some exterior surfaces.

Jewel like colours
Crafted with the finest natural pigments.
Authentic neutral shades, earthy greens and striking accent colours.  

Zoffany water based paints contain virtually no VOCs (volatile organic compounds that contribute to atmospheric pollution).
Zoffany paint carry's the industry's lowest eco-rating and its paint is practically odourless.

Since August 2021 Zoffany no longer manufacturers environmentally harmful oil based paints

Zoffany paint is committed to minimising ecological impact, without compromising on quality





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Each and every Zoffany paint order is hand made in the UK and delivered direct to your door.

Pure Paint is proud to be an exclusive stockist of Zoffany Paint in Ireland.

We deliver Zoffany paint FREE throughout Ireland, with no minimum order

Pure Paint is committed to delivering excellent customer service and a free

colour consultancy service to help you pick the perfect Zoffany paint colours for your home. 


Our ethos is simply to share our love of colour while protecting the environment.

Explore the Zoffany paint colour palette now